Comfort Type Notebook Rest

The ultimate memory foam support

Kensington's Comfort Type Notebook Wrist Rest tilts the notebook to position hands for more comfortable typing and allow air to cool the computer. Adjustable memory foam platform provides custom fit support. Lifetime warranty and free technical support.

Model Number: 82051 

  • Wrist rest lifts and tilts the notebook, for cool, comfortable operation.
  • Positions hands in a "neutral posture" position, in line with arms--the optimal typing position.
  • Viscoelastic memory foam gently molds to the contour of the hand for custom fit support.
  • Underlying honeycomb structure absorbs weight to help eliminate pressure points that cause contact strain.
  • Elevated operation allows airflow to cool the computer, helping to extend operating life.
  • Two built-in height adjustments provide individualized comfort.
  • Detachable memory foam platform.
  • Lifetime warranty and free technical support.

Comfort Type Notebook Rest is backed by the Kensington 1-Year Warranty and free technical support.



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