GlareMaster Plus Monitor Filter, Flat 19" to 21"

Improve your computing experience.

GlareMaster Plus Hanging Flat Frame Monitor Filter 98% antiradiation/antistatic; reduces glare 95%. Flat glass filter hangs from the top of the monitor. Adjustable brackets and nonskid feet. Antiradiation—Conductive coatings and grounding wire help to dissipate ELF/VLF E-Field radiation. 98% reduction. Antistatic—Grounding wire lessens static charge while reducing dust buildup and the risk of data loss. 98% reduction. Antiglare—Special coating reduces glare and reflections from the front of the monitor by 95%. Fits 19 in.-21 in. CRT Monitors Gray


Model Number: 55484  



for 19" - 21" - display screen filter

GlareMaster Plus Monitor Filter, Flat 19" to 21" is backed by the Kensington 1-Year Guarantee.



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