LCD & Plasma Guardian™ Screen Cleaning Kit

The best way to keep high definition in focus

High-definition displays deliver the sharpest, clearest pictures possible--when they are clean. Everyday dust and smudges can make even the finest plasma screen television look muddy and washed out. Now, the Kensington Plasma Guardian Screen Cleaning System keeps those high-end displays looking crisp and unbelievably sharp. This complete system cleans and protects the screen surface with antistatic wipes and bristles, soft microfiber cloths, and a unique no-run, spray-on cleaning formula. There's no better way to keep high-definition in focus.

Model Number: 12193 

  • Complete plasma and LCD screen cleaning system
  • Cleans and protects screens for the clearest, brightest picture possible
  • Safe for high-end and high-definition television and computer screens
  • Antistatic brush safely removes particles and reduces dust-attracting static
  • No-run, spray formula safely cleans and will not seep into screen frame
  • Microfiber cloths include easy-to-use holder to protect cloth and screen

- 4-oz. spray-bottle of cleaning fluid

- 12 lint-free drying wipes

- an 8 x 8 microfiber cloth for streak-free buffing.

Plasma & LCD Guardian™ Screen Cleaning Kit is backed by the Kensington Satisfaction Guarantee.



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