70 Watt DC Power Adapter for Apple® Notebook

The Perfect Apple Travel Companion

The Kensington iPod/Notebook DC Power Adapter makes it easy to power and charge an Apple PowerBook, iBook, or iPod from any cigarette lighter or Empower™ port. The super-sleek supply profile is up to 60% smaller* and 70% lighter than other chargers, making it a welcome addition on any road trip. With the included tips and socket adapter, power is only as far as the next DC power supply. *by volume

Which notebook power tip is compatible with my notebook?

Model number: 33194


  • Up to 70% smaller and lighter than other chargers for easy portability
  • Easily powers and charges Apple iPods, PowerBooks, and iBooks
  • 70 watts--enough to power and charge an Apple notebook or iPod
  • Turns any cigarette lighter or Empower port into a power source
  • Works with most Apple iBook and PowerBook Notebooks. Includes iPod Smart Tip

70 Watt DC Power Adapter for Apple® Notebook is backed by the Kensington 1-Year warranty.



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